Restroom/Nightlife Advertising Companies and Ad Council Raise Awareness for Holiday "Buzzed Driving"

During the busy holiday party season, the members of the Indoor Billboard Advertising Association (IBAA) have been spreading the word of the risks of "Buzzed Driving" via a branded coaster advertising campaign distributed nationwide at popular drinking establishments.

The Ad Council sponsored campaign is targeted to a 21 and over drinking audience, with the message "Thank you for not driving buzzed last night. You saved my life" placed on directly on beverage coasters. Coasters are distributed via IBAA member firms throughout the US in over 40 Markets. The campaign is also referenced in strategically positioned ad posters within the restrooms of the establishments over the course of the holiday season. The combined Buzzed Driving coaster and posters generate an estimated 13 Million impressions over the duration of the campaign.

"Thanks to the drink coasters, once bar patrons reach the bottom of their beverage glass, they'll notice the message, and they might want to think twice before getting behind the wheel", states Ruben Garcia, President of Johnny Boards based in Albuquerque, NM, and an IBAA member. “They’ll also notice the unavoidable posters in the restrooms, making them think again,” adds Garcia

“Our IBAA member firms are grateful to help spread the word for the Buzzed Driving campaign and work with the Ad Council to make the roads safer this holiday season,” acknowledges John Koenig, IBAA Executive Director.

Founded in 1998, the IBAA consists of member firms that provide Indoor/Restroom Advertising and Nightlife Media in high traffic restaurants, bars, health clubs, arenas, and other venues throughout the US and Canada. IBAA members firms have partnered with the Ad Council over the last 7 years, and have utilized their unique media position broadcast public service messages to a captive audience

For more information on The Ad Council visit www.adcouncil.org/. For more details on the Buzzed Driving Campaign visit http://www.adcouncil.org/Our-Work/Current-Work/Safety/Bu ...

For More information on the Indoor Billboard Advertising association visit www.indooradvertising.org. For samples of the Buzzed Driving coaster and poster campaign, please email IBAA Executive Director, John Koenig at director@indooradvertising.org

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