Restroom Advertising Companies "Capture Minds" in Vegas

Restroom Advertising Companies “Capture Minds” in Vegas

 Representing over 75 North American media markets, the companies that provide the service of Restroom and Indoor Advertising, gathered May 15th-16th, 2014 in Las Vegas for their 17th Indoor Billboard Advertising Association (IBAA) Annual Conference.


“Our industry represents the only ad media that can cut through advertising clutter and reach a captive audience in the restrooms of high traffic public restrooms at popular night spots, arenas health clubs, restaurants and bars. This annual meeting of IBAA members is key to helping spread the word on shared success stories and how to tap into ancillary offerings such as digital, experiential, and place based media,” commented Hugh Jolly, President of Nashville, TN based Graffiti Indoor.


“There are 35-40 IBAA member companies providing restroom and indoor advertising throughout the U.S. and Canada, so it’s been key to the success of my firm, to connect with others who go through the same everyday challenges and positives that we do…the sharing of information is one of the biggest advantages to belonging to this organization, ” added Jolly.


As Executive Director of the IBAA, John Koenig, acknowledges, “This organization has been gathering for 17 years, sharing information, promoting and coordinating national and regional advertising opportunities, and raising the profile for Restroom and Indoor Advertising. Indoor Advertising is often the common term for Restroom Advertising, and we’ve member firms ranging from large multimarket operators, to small market firms just starting in the Indoor Industry. Restroom/Indoor Ads are commonly placed in high trafficked restaurants, bars, nightclubs and arenas and can target patrons by gender. Naturally this medium commands the attention of a captive audience. The IBAA conference has been key in sharing stories, promoting the industry, and helping to set standards. We’ve shared clients from national brands, to respected regional advertisers who appreciate that we reach an audience that can’t look away from Restroom Advertising.”


In addition to the meetings and networking, keynote speaker Tony Rubleski, President of Mind Capture Group and Author, presented key ideas to “capture” and retain new advertising clients via referrals and relationship building in the age of Advertising Deficit Disorder. Ideas on leveraging advertising into trade opportunities where shared by Brian Argetsinger, Vice President of ITEX Marketplace. With IBAA members looking to add digital signage to their media offerings, attendees were engaged by a joint venture opportunity to “go digital” presented by A. Jay, of Mvix.


To learn more about the Indoor Billboard Advertising Association (IBAA) please visit www.indooradvertising.org or dial John Koenig, IBAA Executive Director at 503-998-3465

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