IBAA Conference 2016 Recap! March Madness+Indoor Advertising+DSE=IBAA Share

A Big Thanks to everyone joining us at the IBAA Conference March 15+16th at the Westgate in Vegas!

If you missed the conference, or are still in recovery mode post-Vegas and post NCAA Bracket Busting-we've got a review:

Thanks to our roster of rock star speakers who helped spur conversation amongst attendees and add value to our event (I've presentations available to forward and will be available on IBAA Share-see below).

We had a solid scope of ideas on how to generate more ad sales, and stand out among other media via Tony Rubleski, president of Mind Capture Group; and how to best implement social media and local search to our websites to attract agencies and buyers via Kent Lewis, president of Anvil Media.

Brian Wyatt, NewAd, shared his firm's cutting edge digital platform which they've used in addition to their static classic indoor board offerings; and we caught up with Leith El Hassan, founder of OOHforGood on new campaigns for Out of Home PSA messaging, and how to leverage new regional business using PSA campaigns and untapped revenue streams.

As we're all working to add research support numbers to our media kit presentations, Ruben Garcia, Johnny Boards, shared relevant data via the University of New Mexico on the effectiveness and dwell time of standard indoor advertising, which is information we're all able to implement and add to our present to agency media buyers and potential advertisers. Brian Wyatt also touched on relevant shared demographics/dwell time metrics numbers we can all use in our presentations.

Managing "Ad Inventory" is always an important part of operating an indoor firm, and our sponsor Josh Garcia, founder of 11Online, presented a golden, cost effective solution to inventory management and ad tracking that is applicable to firms of all sizes. He's had real world use of the program, and I'm excited to see more of our members "on the same page" with ad space opportunities, and the numbers/metrics data we use to sell our media from our resources.

 I'm particularly excited to share some of the ideas we discussed to keep connecting and an offering we've titled IBAA Share with is thanks to input and a collaboration with Ruben Garcia at Johnny Boards.

 IBAA Share will have a 'password protected' set up, so only members in "good standing' can access the portfolio. As with any shared situation, it's only as golden as our individual input, and we'll ask that members also input pieces if they are using the IBAA Share resource. Having access to a sales tool like IBAA Share is a huge opportunity to get a head start on landing new advertisers in your market. Stay tuned for more details or reach out to access the beta site (members only)

 Thanks to our IBAA Sponsors including 11OnlineTopaz DigitalValley Industrial ProductsOOH for GoodAd CouncilJohnny Boards, and Snap!Display Frames. We're grateful for the continued support of our IBAA Conference and Indoor Advertising!

 We're also grateful to the hospitality shown the IBAA by the Digital Signage Expo! IBAA Members attended the Digital show while in Vegas which included seminars with several gathering up details on how to add 'digital' to their static board offerings.

Finally thanks to your IBAA Board of Directors & Officers for input and help setting up our event , and keeping our group rolling year after year: Ruben Garcia (President), John Jolley (VP), Tim Shoemaker (Treasurer), Deborah Johnson(Secretary), Chuck Nelms (Member at Large), and David Turner (Conference Coordination).

Cheers to more Indoor Advertising and thanks for your support!


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