IBAA Board Members Attend Spring 2012 Nightclub Bar Convention Trade Show in Las Vegas


This past March several members of the IBAA Board of Directors attended the Nightclub & Bar Show held at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Supposedly this is “THE” show for the Bar Business. Those from the IBAA Board of Directors attending were are respective leader Master John Koenig of Water Closet Media in Portland, OR (lots of TV shows currently filmed in this hipster town), our esteemed President Master Tim Shoemaker of Headlines with locations across the Great State of Texas, Memphis, & Chicago, the Master of Entertainment himself David Turner “Davo” of Johnny Advertising with locations from Grand Rapids, Michigan & Western Michigan to Indianapolis, Indiana and the rest of Central Indiana, and Me, John Jolley of Big Guys serving the Greater Tulsa area (that’s Oklahoma for those not in the know).

All attending at various tasks at hand. Davo was meeting various Casinos across the Made for Entertainment City for the Upcoming Fantastic Annual IBAA Conference to be held in October (for those of you not planning to attend – you are a bunch of losers). Tim was strolling down the long aisles of Venders located at the respective sprawling show looking for potential national clients and sponsors for the IBAA (he also checked out a few of the respective Casinos with Davo). John was overseeing all as well as staying in shape for his upcoming run that weekend back in Portland and his much needed vacation to Hawaii with the fam. Me (Jolley) checked out the show, drank several beers one could not have to  quench one’s thirst in Tulsa, advised Master Turner on other possible Casinos to check out while we had a chance, and thought where is all this money coming from to build these monstrosities in this day and time.

After much touring and thought by all (with some input from those that where not there) the Monte Carlo Casino was chosen to host the upcoming 2012 IBAA Conference this coming October. This Casino has an awesome location in the heart of the Strip and has been updated  amazingly. Other Casinos toured and/or discussed with interest were the Golden Nugget home of last year’s Conference in old Downtown Las Vegas and the Stratosphere in Mid-Strip. There were also some laughs held at the Royal House (ask Davo, Koenig, or myself next time you happen to run into one of us and we will fill you in).

Those attending the show (all the above) also discussed sponsorship opportunities with vendors at the show while also checking out several national companies that may be interested in using the respective members of the IBAA to reach its Targeted Demographic across the lands. This is still a work in progress and hopefully will work in both the IBAA’s and our respective companies favor.

A few other things to mention regarding the Trade Show. First, this would not be a conference for one to attend with a drinking (or for that matter a gambling) problem. One could be extremely drunk early in one’s day tasting all the beers, wines, and liquors to be tried at the subject Show. Second, there really is a lot of clueless folks in this old world of ours as witnessed by the really cool hip ones drinking cans of PBR with all the other beverages to be had. Third, the lack of clothing cannot make a woman (or for that matter a man) more attractive. Fourth, Dennis Rodman travels in his PJ’s. Fifth, nobody attending the show knew or cared about Jose Conseco. Sixth, Mr. Koenig and I tasted 120 proof Bourbon coming out this year by Knob Creek that could cure any cough and tasted like it as well.

Lastly, I attended one of the Keynote Speakers lectures – Jon Taffer, Star and Co-Executive Producer of Spike TV’s “Bar Rescue” and President, Nightclub & Bar Media Group. (Sadly I missed the Keynote address of one of the greatest comic acts of our time – Mr. Pauly Shore – this guy must have a GREAT Agent). This guy is motivated. His speech was mainly about how to make a Bar (one of the oldest (if not THE) institutions in the United States) thrive. However, one could take his speech and apply it to any form of enterprise. For example, how many of us have average employees (sales people, accountants, artists, receptionist, etc.)? These folks could all be great people to grab a beer with but when it comes to making our respective companies work well our company will be just average or less. We all need motivated happy people working for us. When we get these assets it is up to us to keep them as long as we can by continuing to motivate and reward them. In order to prevent hiring an average employee or worse the next time do this – for whatever the position is make a list of 8 adjectives. Ask questions regarding these respective adjectives. For example, for Team Player ask them what sports they have been involved with currently or in their past. At the end of the interview if you have checked off six of the eight adjectives – Hire Them! If not – DON’T (unless of course you want to be average or less) no matter how much you like
the individual. A friend of mine recently said “It is easy to get into a relationship but hard to get out”. Think about it and see you in Vegas (unless you are a loser).

John Jolley
Big Guys

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