IBAA Conference 2012! What Happened in Vegas Won’t Stay in Vegas!

Happy re-entry returns to all IBAA Members, Sponsors, and Speakers who attended our 15th Annual IBAA Conference in Vegas October 4-6th, 2012!

It’s always a huge payback to attend the conference and return re-energized on ideas to grow our indoor operations and it’s all thanks to the members and attendees sharing success stories. As the Monte Carlo says, “We’re all VIPS,” and I couldn’t agree more as our members and sponsors gather and share a jackpot of info, and this year was outstanding.

Speaking of payback (aside from any casino winnings), much thanks to David Turner from Johnny Advertising for the major assist on conference coordination and specifics of the event. David was our “Cruise Director” and we’re grateful for his help. Also thanks to the IBAA Officers/Directors Tim Shoemaker, Ruben Garcia, John Jolley, Chuck Nelms, Brian Wyatt and Hugh Jolly on ideas on content and the ongoing vision of the IBAA.

Between the mingling and happy hours, we had amazing insight on the future of indoor and ideas to expand our local market offerings thanks to an impressive overview of New Ad Media (www.newad.com) and their stellar successes presented to us by Brian Wyatt. Brian touched ancillary marketing ideas that have made their clients and advertisers heroes. His presentation was outstanding and indeed eye opening on the possibilities of indoor.

Keynote speaker Kent Lewis, from Anvil Media dovetailed perfectly with Brian’s presentation on the timely topic of “5 Digital Marketing Trends” and touched on building our indoor “brands” via the latest in digital, video marketing, social media, mobile technology and applications for the indoor industry (www.anvilmediainc.com). 

Thanks to John Boal from the Ad Council, for giving us a glimpse of the goodwill and positive assist our industry gains from involvement with PSA campaigns and an ongoing partnership with Ad Council. Via the IBAA Members continuing to champion Ad Council initiatives, we raise the profile of Indoor/Restroom advertising and keep it on the radar as a viable and vibrant medium and top of mind with media buyers and the viewing public (www.adcouncil.org).

IBAA Founding Member Chuck Nelms of Strategic Indoor/Strategic Webdesign shared his firm’s success at developing and designing web sites for his clients and also a new smashing social media savvy web design for the IBAA site. Thanks to Chuck for the ongoing input, ideas and hard work plus the generous sponsorship of our association! (www.strategic-webdesign.com)

Our “Digital Lunch” allowed members to hear new ideas from digital display and digital content related sponsors Cocollage.com (www.cocollage.com), Glow Networks (www.glownet.tv) and DMVI/Red Hot Vend (www.digitalmediavending.com). Thank you all for your insight and support for our group and ideas for shared opportunity

Thanks to Leith El Hasson from Circle Graphics (www.circlegraphicsonline.com) for his sponsorship, his long-term involvement with the IBAA, plus his donation of printed displays and banners for our event, plus sharing his insight in media trends.

We’re also grateful to the continued conference sponsorship from Snap! Display Frames (www.snapdisplayframes.com), ITEX (itex.com), ITEX St. Louis (www.itexstlouis.com) and the West Michigan Barter Company Inc. We also received a generous sponsorship again this year from Johnny Boards (www.johnnyboards) and it is much appreciated. Thank you Randy Corcoran and Ruben Garcia!

Another thank you goes to David Turner for his input on a “Local Press Release” template that I’ve attached to this email. While it might be a tad less timely, feel free to use this, or add/adjust it and circulate to media in your local markets with the hope it garners some added publicity for your indoor operation. We’ve also a Press Release with similar language circulated for more national exposure here: (www.prlog.org/12005947-restroom-and-indoor-advertising-companies-hosted-15th-annual-conference-in-vegas.html).

For those IBAA Members unable to attend the conference, you were missed and I’m happy to share info we gained from our conference via phone or email. I’ve also access to some of the presentation materials from the conference and happy to share and email files.

Thank you for your continued support of Indoor/Restroom Advertising and let me know how we can work to grow your business and this awesome industry. 

What happened in Vegas at the IBAA Conference won’t stay in Vegas!

Cheers & Thanks!

John Koenig

IBAA Executive Director


IBAA Sponsors