IBAA Conference 2014 Re-Cap: Mind's Captured (& Lasers Set to "Stun")

IBAA Conference 2014 Re-Cap: Mind's Captured (& Lasers Set to "Stun")


(The IBAA, Curing A.D.D. for 17 Years!”)

Happy returns to all the attendees of our 17th Annual IBAA Conference last week in Las Vegas!

Meeting and connecting "in person" in this era of digital connections is refreshing and a big payback and returning from the conference is inspiring.

Speaking of inspiring, we had a phenomenal presentation by Tony Rubleski of the Mind Capture Group. Tony's insight and background in Out of Home Advertising, and his enthusiasm for our industry was contagious!

As Tony pointed out, the IBAA is a "Mastermind Group" and having a Network of like-minded entrepreneurs who are willing to share ideas, offer advice, share success stories and referrals is key reason for the IBAA.

We also "Stand Out in the Age Of ADD (Advertising Deficit Disorder)" and Tony had creative methods to gain, retain and garner referral-advertising clients.

With many members looking for cost effective ways to add digital display inventory to their indoor offerings, A Jay from Mvix provided a thorough "Joint Venture" opportunity to cost effectively go digital. (Feel free to reach out to me and I will forward A. Jay's presentation and details)

Special thanks too to Brian Argetsinger, VP of ITEX for sharing ideas on leveraging ad space for trade opportunities.

A huge thanks also goes out to our IBAA Reception-Happy Hour Sponsor, Johnny Boards .

Also, much gratitude goes to our other event sponsors: Valley Industrial Group (www.valleyindustrialtape.com), ITEX , West Michigan Barter Company . Snap Display Frames , DroppAds , and Mvix.

Stay tuned for email coming soon outlying some IBAA Membership news, shared opportunities, and ideas for the next IBAA Conference.

In the word's of Tony Rubleski, let's "capture" more ad sales, capture more referrals and capture the mindset of advertisers together!

Cheers to More Indoor!

John Koenig IBAA Director

IBAA Sponsors